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General Process and Billing Q&A:

Q: Can I email my invoices to the Safelite Solutions Network?
A: Yes. You may email scanned copies of your invoices to Invoicingfax@safelite.com . Please be aware: network member shops may incur a manual processing fee for submitting invoices this way. If you have questions, please contact our Shop Care team at ShopCare@safelite.com .

The SGCNetwork.com Online Invoicing feature makes submitting your invoices fast and easy! This feature allows you to avoid any manual processing fees by electronically transmitting your invoices via our internal formatting.
This Online Invoicing tool is provided to you by Safelite Solutions: there is no software to buy or download, and most registered shops can access it at no additional cost.

Would you like to know more?
Click the following link to view a simple guide to using the Invoicing app: https://www.sgcnetwork.com/news_detail.jsp?newsId=190

Q: Can I fax or email my invoices to you for payment?
A: Yes. Please fax invoices to 614 210-9502 or email them to Invoicingfax@safelite.com .
Please be aware: network member shops may incur a manual processing fee for submitting invoices this way. See the section above for more information about the Online Invoicing feature.

Q: How much will you charge me per invoice to process the transaction?
A: Network members who bill via a 3rd party EDI provider or the Online Invoicing app will not incur a manual processing service charge from Safelite Solutions/SGC Network. For members who still wish to manually submit paper invoices, please refer to your agreement for the details.

Q: Does the Network offer any expedited payment schedules?
A: Yes, we do! If you're interested in being paid even faster, receiving job information electronically, or being paid via an EFT service provider, please contact us at SGCNetworkHelp@safelite.com .

If you don't have an electronic payment account already set up, start by talking to your bank. Once you have the account in place, you will be able to receive electronic payments from the Safelite Solutions Network.

Consider these ways in which to expedite your payment:

- Safelite Solutions accepts electronic billing through a number of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) providers.
- The Online Invoicing process is also an excellent tool for submitting your invoices to us quickly and efficiently.
- E-Dispatch allows work orders to be sent directly to your point-of-sale system, saving you time and money! To learn more, click here: https://www.sgcnetwork.com/news_detail.jsp?newsId=219
- ... and have you heard about our Immediate Pay program? This is our fastest payment program EVER! Click here for details: https://www.sgcnetwork.com/news_detail.jsp?newsId=224

Questions about the SGC Solutions Network Agreement

Q: What is my price going to be?
A: The SGC Network does not determine pricing. The insurance or fleet company determines pricing. The price will be communicated to you via a letter faxed to you before the program starts. The price will also be included on each work order faxed to you after the program begins.

Q: What if I prefer not to do work at the price listed on the faxed work order?
A: You must contact us immediately to tell us that you do not wish to do that job. You must then send a letter to the SGC Network to let us know that you do not wish to participate in that insurance/fleet program.

Q: I still have an APPROVED INSTALLATION CENTER AGREEMENT with SGC, what is the difference between that contract and the SAFELITE SOLUTIONS NETWORK AGREEMENT?
A: For jobs performed under the SGC APPROVED INSTALLATION CENTER AGREEMENT, you bill the SGC Network on a sub-contracting basis, without sales tax. With the newer SAFELITE SOLUTIONS NETWORK AGREEMENT, you bill the insurance or fleet company with sales tax - submitting your invoice through SGC as a claims administrator.

Q: Will the price for all insurance or fleet companies be the same?
A: No. Each insurance or fleet company will establish prices based on their own criteria. The prices will be communicated to the Safelite Solutions Network member shops via a letter faxed from the SGC Network. Also, each work order faxed from the Safelite will include pricing and billing information.

Q: What will happen to my existing AIC agreement?
A: If you have a current SGC APPROVED INSTALLATION CENTER(AIC) AGREEMENT with the SGC Network, that agreement will remain active for any insurance or fleet company using the AIC program.

Q: Who I contact if I have questions about the network agreement?
A: Please contact our National Contract Manager, Dave McPhaden at Dave.McPhaden@safelite.com

Q: Who should I contact with payment, general or billing questions?
A: For a printable reference page of Safelite Solutions Network Contacts, please click here: http://www.sgcnetwork.com/news_detail.jsp?newsId=200


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