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Welcome to the Safelite Solutions SGC Network!

The SGC Network website can provide you with the information you need to stay on top of your work orders and invoices. You can register for your SGCNetwork.com User ID and Password, e-mail us for friendly and professional assistance, or even become a member of the Safelite Solutions Network program.

Why register to gain access your SGCNetwork.com account?

Thousands of shops are using this website on a daily basis, saving time by getting their own answers instead of calling or waiting on emailed responses. Access to your account will allow you to easily perform searches for your unbilled open orders or check your shop's profile information.

The SGC Network is responsive to your shop's needs.

  • Our Shop Care Center is open to serve you Monday through Friday and some weekend hours.
  • Dedicated teams are assigned to specific tasks, so that you can get the very best assistance - as quickly as possible (CONTACT DIRECTORY)
  • On average, most inquiries are resolved within 24 hours
  • The SGCNetwork.com website is available every day and throughout most hours, day or night. Use it to get the information you need!
  • Send your comments and suggestions for this website directly to Troi Miller, SGCNetwork.com Website Administrator at Troi.Miller@safelite.com.
We'll work with you! The SGC Network team is Your Partner in Success!

SGCNetwork.com - Safelite Solutions program Features and Benefits:

SGCNetwork.com is constantly evolving in order to make doing business easier for you! The website serves as a communication hub, allowing you to get information, forms and details at the click of a button.
Shops can submit invoices online and check on the status of their payments, but did you know about the other features and benefits that SGC offers?
  • Help Library
  • Pricing Authorization requests
  • Emailed work orders
  • Re-Dispatch work orders
  • Review and update your shop's profile.
  • Online Invoicing / EDI Invoicing
  • EFT
  • Quick Links document library
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • E-Dispatch
  • Fast Pay
  • Price Offer (network member shops only)

...and more!
Questions about these options? Just ask us!

If you don't already have access to your SGCNetwork.com account, it's easy to sign up! Just click on the "Register" button above and complete the registration form. If your business is new, you can have it added to the SGC Network database by filling out the New Shop form found here

Access to SGCNetwork.com is a great way to manage your interactions with Safelite Solutions and the SGC Network program. Please take the time to explore the many advantages that the website has to offer!


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