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News Detail
Title: Expanded Pricing for Fast Cure kits.

Safelite Solutions ("Safelite" "SGC Network") is the third party administrator of automotive glass claims for a number of insurance company programs. In this role, we have the fiduciary responsibility of ensuring the proper use and billing of urethane kits. Clients value the use of fast cure urethane to optimize safety and convenience for policyholders.

Fast Cure Kit pricing will now be displayed on the work order. The two kit price will be displayed as “F/C 2.0 $XX.XX”.
Depending on the client regular kits and fast cure kits may pay the same.

It is understood that any shop which submits an invoice billing a fast cure kit, gives implicit permission to be subject to an audit for documentation. Safelite will conduct random fast cure kit audits, as needed. It is the responsibility of the business performing the work to maintain the proper documentation of the urethane kits used for installation.

Note that the differentiation in kit rates specifically applies to urethane kits that cure within 2 hours in any condition.
Please refer to the manufacturer’s product label for specific kit cure times.

Thank you,
- SGC Network Team


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