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Title: SGC signature collection policy

Dear auto glass service provider Owner or Manager,

Safelite Solutions ("Safelite" "SGC Network") is the third party administrator of automotive glass claims for a number of insurance company programs.

In this role, we have the fiduciary responsibility of ensuring payments are made only when the insured is both satisfied with the work performed and willing to authorize that payments be made to the business that performed the work. We will not process payments without the signature of the insured. It remains the responsibility of the business performing the work to gather the signature and maintain it "on file" as proof of authorization and authorization of payment.

It is understood that any shop which transmits an invoice to Safelite via paper or electronically, gives implicit permission to be subjected to an audit for signature. Safelite will conduct random signature audits, as needed. Should a shop be audited for an invoice which was previously submitted electronically, the shop will be asked to provide a copy of the customer's physical signature. Failure to return a valid signature may result in Safelite no longer accepting electronically issued invoices from the shop in question. Additionally, notice of any failure to provide the requested signatures may be made available to the appropriate insurance clients.

Your cooperation with this requirement facilitates more efficient process interaction, and our collective adherence to the instructions of insurance companies and state insurance regulations, where applicable. If you have any questions about these terms, please contact us directly.

Thank you,
- SGC Network Team


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