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Title: Having trouble logging in?

There are several key items to remember when preparing to log in to your SGCNetwork.com account:

1. Be sure that you are preceding your User ID with a lower case letter "s" (Shop level accounts) or the letter "p" (Parent level accounts).
Example: s058017 or p093381

2. When entering your User ID, please use the number zero, not the letter " o ".

3. The User ID and password should be entered in lower case only.

4. Be sure you are visiting the SGCNetwork.com web site and not some other, similar web site.
To confirm that you are visiting the correct web site, type "www.sgcnetwork.com" into your computer's web browser.

5. If six months or more have passed since you last logged in, it is possible that your previous password has expired. Please register to regain access to your account. To visit the Registration page, please click here.

- If you do not recall your password, please utilize the Forgotten Password feature, located on the Log In screen.
- If you believe that your password has been tampered with, please contact us immediately at SGCNetworkHelp@safelite.com.

Thank you!
- SGC Network Team


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