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Title: Online Invoicing: part 2



Once you have clicked on a particular job and selected to begin invoicing it, the system checks on the data referenced in our mainframe.

> In some cases, you will be asked to verify that the vehicle displayed is the vehicle you worked on.
> With other jobs, you may be asked to select details regarding the vehicle you worked on.

Once you have made your selection, choose the type of service performed from the drop-down menu near the bottom of the page;
Glass service (windshield or curve temp. replacement), Molding replacement (only), Mobile Windshield Repair (MWSRepair)/In-Shop Windshield Repair (WSRepair), Misc. (labor).

Continue to enter the invoice data, as prompted.


- For jobs which consist of multiple repairs, DO NOT bill one single line with your total for the repairs. Doing so could result in your invoice being paid only for the first (initial) repair.
- When billing for multiple repairs, be sure to itemize the invoice line-by-line. The first line is the initial repair – usually the one that carries the weight of the service fee.
- Bill additional repairs using the same method as you did the first, but at the appropriate additional repair rates. Each additional repair should be billed as its own line item.

To summarize, bill each item separately; first, second, third repairs – and include the charge per line. The application will tally a sum at the bottom of the screen.


- Click here to learn about billing OEM parts via this feature.

Additional Information

Note that not all jobs are admissible through this tool. Access to the Online Invoicing feature may be denied due to procedural restrictions, processing details or other terms of service. If your invoice cannot be submitted via the online service, the SUBMIT INVOICE button will not be displayed. Send these invoices to SGC via a paper invoice, mailed to the billing address listed on the SGC work order.

Be aware that some part numbers for dealer items, special items or less common vehicles may not be selectable from the site's menus. Should this be the case, you would need to submit the invoice through another means of billing.

It is understood that any shop which transmits an invoice to Safelite electronically, gives implicit permission to be subjected to an audit for signature. Safelite will conduct random signature audits, as needed. Click here to learn more.

Please exercise due diligence when billing using this program. While the site will automatically notify you of some oversights, Safelite Solutions will not be responsible for correcting invoices that you have managed to submit with errors. The program gives you a chance to review your summarized invoice before submitting it. Please make a habit of checking your submissions thoroughly.

Additional help is available:
- Contact our EDI Help team: Click Here
- Need to obtain part and/or pricing approval? Submit your request: PRICING APPROVAL FORM
- Is your PC having trouble with the Online Invoicing process? It could be your web browser. Click here to learn more.

Thank you,
- SGC Network Team

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