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Title: Submitting OEM Parts Online


:::: SGCNetwork.com ::::

The SGCNetwork.com web site allows your shop to bill OEM parts when using the Online Invoicing feature.
Please reference the guide below when billing these parts and labor:

1. Visit SGCNetwork.com. Log in to your account. (Click here if you need assistance accessing your account.)
3. Select an open job, click on the Referral number
4. Click on the Start Invoice Processing button
5. Following the prompts, please enter all vehicle information
6. When asked, enter the VIN#, deductible, install date, invoice number, etc

7. If you are submitting a NAGS interchange part (which is specified for the vehicle) and it is not an option under the NAGS option, select Misc. Parts and then Other from the part list at the bottom of the screen. Click the SELECT PART button to the right.
8. At the next screen, provide the List Price, Part Price (NAGS list less the insurance discount) and Labor charge.
9. A part number is required in the box below.
10. Click the button marked ADD PART.
11. The part screen now refreshes, showing your added part.

12. To bill for Labor Only, click on the PART TYPE drop down box and select MISC-Labor, then click the SELECT PARTS button
13. At the next screen, type your labor charge in the LABOR AMOUNT field

14. To bill a Windshield Repair, under WS Repair select Mobile or In Shop, then click on the SELECT PARTS button
15. On the next screen, use the Part Type drop down box to select OTHER. Add your List and Part prices. List the part number as "Kit"
16. Once you've done this, click the ADD PART button to add the kit and charges to the invoice

17. Once all parts, charges and details have been added, click the SUBMIT INVOICE button
18. Follow the prompts to complete the submission of your invoice

Additional Information

Note that not all jobs are admissible through this tool. Access to the Online Invoicing feature may be denied due to procedural restrictions, processing details or other terms of service.

It is understood that any shop which transmits an invoice to Safelite electronically, gives implicit permission to be subjected to an audit for signature. Safelite will conduct random signature audits, as needed. Click here to learn more.

Please exercise due diligence when billing using this program. While the site will automatically notify you of some oversights, SGC will not be responsible for correcting invoices that you have managed to submit with flaws. The program gives you a chance to review your summarized invoice before submitting it. Please make a habit of checking your submissions thoroughly. Print the Total Due screen before pressing Submit; keep this for your records.

Additional help is available:

- Enhanced Training Tool: Online Invoicing tutorial!
- You can find other resources by visiting the SGC CONTACT HUB link located at the top of this page!
- Contact our EDI Help team: Click Here

Thank you,
- SGC Network Team

Click here to review the Online Invoicing tutorial.


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