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Title: Have you tried the Help Library?

The SGCNetwork.com HELP LIBRARY features a growing catalogue of documents and guides, all useful in your business dealings with SGC.
If you haven't visited it recently, please do so; many of the documents have been replaced with newer versions.

The HELP library now contains the following items:

Summer-Autumn 2011:

Online Invoicing Tutorial: This is actually a link which will guide you to the Online Invoicing features 'live' demo. A printable guide is also available.

SGC Contact Directory: A listing of the most frequently contacted SGC teams and departments.

EFT Application: Contracted SGC Network member shops can be paid electronically. A pdf version of the application is available in the Help Library, or click here.

Network Application Print a pdf version of our network application, or complete a template online. Review the eligibility requirements now.

February 2011:

EDI Bill Motor homes: This index provides the proper part details to enter when billing motor home glass via EDI.

Invoice OEM Online: A guide which explains how to bill special parts and glass when billing using this site's Online Invoicing feature.

January 2011:

Add new shop form: The form to use when you wish to add a completely new, unregistered auto glass shop to the SGC Network national shop database. Learn more.

Change of Banks-EFT form: Use this form to inform SGC of changes in your EFT banking account information.

Change of ownership form: Submit this document when you have recently bought or sold a shop, and now need to revise the information we have on file.

December 2010:

7 Helpful Facts: This document conveys several details about working with our program that you may not be aware of. The ideas were shared by our Shop Care team, and represent some of the most frequently asked questions the team receives.

How to Bill SGC: A very simple guide for shops that are new to interacting with Safelite Solutions. The basics of manual billing are carefully detailed.

Contract Eligibility: Is your shop eligible to become an SGC Network member? Check here to see what is currently required in the application for membership status.

How to EDI OEM: This chart displays the proper part and description to list when submitting your invoice via the SGCNetwork.com Online Invoicing feature.

Update Shop Info: Complete and submit this form to advise us of your shop's change in address, billing information or phone and contact details.

Additional Shops: Another database update document. Use this form to add an additional location to your current profile in the SGC Network database.

To view the HELP library, first log in as your shop, then hold the cursor over the word HELP - located on the right side of the blue bar which spans the top section of the page. A bubble will pop up which contains these useful links; click on an item to access the information. If desired, you can print out these documents for use in your office. To return to the previous web page, just click the BACK button on your web browser.

Look for new items and guides to be added in the future!

- Troi Miller
SGCNetwork.com Website Administrator
Safelite Solutions


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