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Title: How to get your new company listed with SGC.

If your company is new to the auto glass industry, you should consider having your shop listed in SGC's national auto glass service provider database!

You should consider this action if your company meets the following criteria:
*Your company is a new auto glass service provider.
*Your company has not billed SGC before.

SGC Network is a third-party-administrator for multiple insurance clients. We provide billing and claim services, accommodating a one-stop solution which empowers insureds to set up auto glass claims via the specific instructions of their insurance provider.

Benefits of listing your shop with the SGC Network national shop database:

-Your auto glass company will be listed for auto glass customer preference selection.

-A profile will be created for your company on the SGCNetwork.com web site. This site allows you to submit invoices online, track invoice processing and payments, update your shop information and also issue pricing approval inquiries directly to the SGC Network Team. These features are provided by SGC Network at no additional cost to you!

-By accessing your SGCNetwork.com account, your staff will gain access to the helpful guides and forms listed in the HELP LIBRARY.

-You may opt to receive your work orders via fax or email, and be able to re-issue previously released work orders to your shop at will.

-You may have a parent level account number assigned, should you wish to bill SGC via your selected EDI provider.

You can obtain a printable copy of the ADD NEW SHOP form by clicking here.
There is no fee for being listed, and the request only takes a few minutes to complete!

We look forward to working with your company!

- Troi Miller
SGCNetwork.com Website Administrator.
Safelite Solutions

*Should you desire to become a contracted SGC Network Participant Program member, your shop must be listed in our registry for at least 12 months prior to membership consideration. Learn more about the Network Eligibility Requirements by clicking here.


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