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This announcement specifically regards those users who access SGCNetwork.com via a Microsoft browser.

For the best experience with this website, we highly recommend that you use Internet Explorer 9 or higher. Upgrading your current version of I.E. is a simple process, which you can start by clicking here.

SGCNetwork.com is a great resource for all of your interactions with Safelite Solutions!
We hope you will continue to use the web site and make the upgrade to your browser.

Thank you,
- SGC Network Team


What is a ‘web browser’?
A web browser is the application you use when surfing the web. The browser is the framework by which your computer searches and displays web pages or other internet content.
Do not confuse this with your Operating System, which is the software that supports your computer’s basic functions, including offline tools and programs.

Which version of Internet Explorer am I currently using?
Find out now by clicking here.

Will I be charged for upgrading my Internet Explorer browser?
No. The updates are free upgrades offered directly by Microsoft.

What is the purpose of this upgrade?
Newer versions of Internet Explorer offer improved browser security, as well as streamlined features for everyday uses.

Where can I find the latest versions of Internet Explorer?
Please click on the link here or visit www.microsoft.com.

Will I still be able to access SGCNetwork.com if I choose not to update my browser?
Yes, however we strongly advise that you upgrade your browser as a means of protecting your online business interactions. Additionally, your usage and experiences with SGCNetwork.com may suffer erratic performance issues due to the incompatible software.
This is not an indication of a problem with the website; the best solution requires that you update the web browser on your device.

What if I don’t use Internet Explorer or Microsoft products?
You may encounter performance issues when using some features of this website, such as the Online Invoicing tool.

Who do I contact if I have questions about this change?
Please contact us at SGCNetworkHelp@safelite.com should you have questions about SGCNetwork.com.
For questions about Internet Explorer, please refer to the Microsoft Windows home page.


[] Google Chrome: Google Chrome automatically updates so that you're always using the latest version. You can download Google Chrome here.
[] Internet Explorer: This popular web browser comes pre-installed with many new home computers. You can download Internet Explorer here.


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