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Title: Benefits of joining Safelite Solutions Network

Benefits of joining Safelite Solutions Network

Safelite Solutions aims to manage a network of high-quality glass shops around the country on behalf of our insurance clients and their policyholders, who expect great service.
We also strive to bring benefits to your business, including:

- Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) allows members to avoid manual processing fees by having payments electronically deposit directly to your bank account
- Expanded services such as downloads made directly to your point-of-sale system through E-Dispatch or faster EFT payments via Immediate Pay
- SGCNetwork.com offers a customized overview of shops with multiple locations, and the eligibility to receive non-preference work through its Price Offer feature

- Service Auto Glass preferred pricing on auto glass and supplies as well as more robust credit benefits
- Direct access to a contract manager to answer your network membership, invoicing and insurance-related questions as well as the ability to request an onsite visit
- Quarterly Network Scorecard that provides key metric and NPS data to your company to drive actionable results

- Special industry and benchmarking insights with our Quarterly Network Newsletter
- Provide direct feedback via our annual network survey
- Market your network membership to insurance agents and claims offices when approved

::: New for Network Members Only :::

Beginning June 1, 2016, member shops are pre-authorized to update part information. Should you find that the NAGS part you will be using is valid, but does not match the NAGS part on the work order, you do not need to contact us to make a correction.
Instead, proceed with the job – billing your part at the NAGS rates detailed on the work order. We will correct the claim record on our end, so your invoice does not reject.

Please use this multi-purpose request form when submitting pricing authorization requests.

If you have questions about these benefits, please contact us at SGCNetworkHelp@safelite.com.


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