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Title: Immediate Pay FAQ

Tired of checking the mailbox every afternoon, hoping that your payments have arrived? Ever worry that your checks have been sent to the wrong address, lost in the mail, or possibly stolen?
Wouldn't it be great to get paid sooner and have funds automatically deposit right to your bank account?

Our Immediate Pay program is available!

How it works: For a small transaction fee of 2%, this new service will not only issue your payments via EFT, but will do so within 5 days from acceptance of your invoice.
Now that’s fast and SAFE!


How does this program work?
With Immediate Pay, payments issued to you for glass invoices processed by Safelite Solutions will be paid via EFT, and released within 5 business days of acceptance. A 2% fee will be deducted from the total paid.

What do you mean by ‘acceptance’ of my invoice?
There is a review process that takes place any time Safelite receives an auto glass invoice. Invoices which are billed correctly are accepted and cleared for processing.

Does this agreement affect my status with Safelite in any other way?
No – to be clear, this is not a Network Agreement. Shops seeking to join the Safelite Solutions network can find the application here.

Can I participate in the IMMEDIATE PAY program if my shop is a network member/non-member?
Yes – this program is available for both members and non-member shops.

Does this program require that I receive payments via EFT?

Would Immediate Pay apply to all programs administered by Safelite Solutions?
There are a few exceptions, including Alliance and our National Commercial (fleet) programs, which do not participate. In these instances, the regular terms and processes are applicable.

If I have an EFT account, can Safelite deduct funds directly from my account?
No – EFT only allows for the depositing of payments to your bank. Safelite cannot remove money, nor view the details of your bank statement.

What if I try the program and don’t like it?
The agreement requires that you provide a written request for release 10 days prior to being removed from the program.

How will I be made aware of the electronic payments issued to my bank?
A remittance notice will be issued to your email address each time a payment is released. Also, you may track the payments via your SGCNetwork.com account.

If I have questions about a payment, who should I contact?
Please contact our SHOP CARE team with any questions about a payment. You can reach them at ShopCare@safelite.com or 614 602-2120.

***** Alright! Got it! How do I sign up for the Immediate Pay program? *****
For questions about the program or to request an application, please contact us at SGCNetworkHelp@safelite.com.

Okay! I’ve filled out the EFT Form, attached a voided check and signed the Immediate Pay Agreement.
Where should I send the forms?

You can fax the forms to 614 932-3222 or email a scanned copy to SGCNetworkHelp@safelite.com.

Thank you,
- SGC Network Team


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