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News Detail
Title: Introducing the SGC Network HUB

A new feature has been added to the website - the SGC CONTACT HUB!

The HUB is a self-serve resource that allows you to find the help you need more easily. It's still a work-in-progress, so more tuning will happen and new features will be added every few weeks.
The intent was to put all of these resources together in one place, in a manner which is easy for everyone to access. You don’t even have to be logged in to use it!
This application is the newest in a series of updates designed to streamline your usage of this website. Did you notice last month’s changes to the Online Invoicing feature? ;)

--- But why am I telling you this when you can just give it a try? Please click here to visit the HUB!

Happy New Year's everyone! May the future hold goodwill and prosperity for all.

Best regards,
- Troi Miller
SGCNetwork.com Website Admin.
Safelite Solutions Team


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