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News Detail
Title: Rebill invoices which were submitted with errors

Did you know that this website allows you to rebill invoices that were previously submitted with errors?

Have you ever forgotten to bill for a kit? Or perhaps your invoice charged for moldings, but later – you realized that they weren’t used? Getting the details straightened out can be tricky.
However, the SGCNetwork.com website's RESUBMIT INVOICE feature can help!

How to locate this feature:
While logged in as a shop, hold your cursor over the word 'Invoices' (located in the blue bar which spans the width of the page).
Doing so will prompt a pop-up menu to appear. From that menu, select the Resubmit Invoice link.

How the feature works:
Jobs listed under this feature can be billed again, via the same steps as the website's standard Online Invoicing process!

Which invoices are available for rebilling:
Any job which was previously billed using the website's Online Invoicing tool can be resubmitted if the newly processed invoice has been rejected.
To be clear, the invoice must be rejected by the Safelite Solutions billing process. If your invoice has passed our internal review, but was submitted missing parts or details - you will need to contact us to have it flagged.

Each of the invoices appearing on the INVOICE CORRECTIONS page has been rejected, and will require your attention before the invoice can complete processing for payment.

Have questions about this feature? Let us know!

- SGC Network Team


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