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Title: The Do's and Don'ts of billing Safelite Solutions

Want to bill more Safelite Solutions more effectively? Hoping to avoid mistakes that delay the processing of your invoice?
Here are several DOís and DONíTs of billing!

Electronic Billing
[] DO bill electronically. Use the Online Invoicing tool found on this website, or bill via an EDI/e-Dispatch provider. Email scanned invoices to InvoicingFax@safelite.com.
[] DONíT bill like itís 1999. Mailing paper invoices really slows things down. Even emailed or faxed invoices take longer to process, as they must be manually re-keyed and entered into our system.

If you must send Emails or Faxes -

[] DO send legible copies. If solutions like Online Invoicing, EDI or e-Dispatch are out of reach, you can email invoices to us at InvoicingFax@safelite.com. Attachments can be received in any of the following formats: .jpeg, .png, .psd, .tiff
[] DONíT add special requests or inquiries to your emailed invoices. Our Invoicing team is solely focused on processing your invoice. Please do not email non-billing related documents.

[] DO it right. If solutions like Online Invoicing, EDI or e-Dispatch are out of reach, you can fax an invoice to us at 614 210-9502. Please ONLY SUBMIT INVOICES and billing-related documents.
[] DONíT fax questions or non-billing related document along with your invoice. Please send payment and other inquires to our Shop Care staff at ShopCare@safelite.com .

One at a time, please
[] DO send faxed or emailed invoices one at a time.
[] DONíT transmit batches of faxes or emails. When you send multiple invoices in one transmission, they are received as a single electronic document. This can delay or even negate our ability to process your invoices!

Signature Required
[] DO send invoices along which have been signed by the insured. If the customer has signed some secondary document, like the work order Ė send it along with your invoice and that should be fine.
[] DONíT send over invoices with no signature. To be clear, Safelite Solutions cannot process an invoice without the customerís signature. Collecting this authorization from the insured is a part of servicing the claim, and offers protections to both the insured and your business.

Rushing leads to regrets
[] DO take a moment to ensure that your invoice is correct, clear and legible. If you are emailing or faxing, make sure the insuredís signature is visible. Attach any POPís or supporting documents.
[] DONíT submit an invoice until you are confident that all details are correct. If you detect an error after sending your invoice, please contact ShopCare@safelite.com with the specific details. If your invoice is rejected for an error, you can use the Online Invoicing feature to resubmit it.

Deliver with confidence
[] DO send emailed invoices to InvoicingFax@safelite.com and faxed invoices to 614 210-9502. These are the only correct contact points for submitting payment requests.
[] DONíT send invoices to other Safelite Solutions email addresses or fax numbers. Doing so delays the processing of your invoice, as the documents must be routed to the correct department. Also, do not copy multiple Safelite addresses when sending invoices Ė as this can prompt your invoice to be submitted multiple times, further interfering with processing and payment.

Doing the wrong thing can result in delays, which impede the process from start to finish.
Taking the time to do it right works with the flow, and helps us to get you paid quickly, effectively and correctly!

- Safelite Solutions Team

*If you have other questions or needs, please find your answers via the website's CONTACT HUB, or reach out to our Shop Care team at shopcare@safelite.com .


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