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Title: Results Make Money

Smart changes guarantee results. Discover new ways to ensure your success!

Don’t assume change – Make It.
Here are five ways YOU can save time and improve the health of your Safelite Solutions business.

1. Bill Fast
These days, if you’re mailing or faxing invoices - you’re slowing things down. Instead, bill online via the SGCNetwork.com Invoicing tool, or submit charges electronically through an EDI/e-Dispatch provider.
Safelite Solutions also accepts emailed submissions at InvoicingFax@safelite.com. These digital solutions produce results; the sooner we receive your invoices, the sooner they process for payment.

2. Bill Smart
Recent enhancements to our Online Invoicing feature have made it more responsive than ever! Bill repairs, replacements and now – RV glass and exception parts too, all via the new Manual Invoice Creator.
This supplement to the original billing tool is specifically designed to help when you get stuck.

3. Avoid Problems
Are old office habits and outdated billing methods slowing down your success? Visit SGCNetwork.com to review a list of billing Do's and Don’t's.

4. Seek Easy
SGCNetwork.com: The SIMPLE SEARCH feature lets you locate a specific Referral, Invoice or Payment in fewer clicks than ever before! Simple Search can be a tremendous help when you're seeking to verify payments or track particular details about your receivables.

5. Participate
Did you know that our Immediate Pay program pays your invoices in less than a week? Would you like e-Dispatch to automatically handle your billing and bookkeeping needs?
Is your shop a member of our network program? Are you PARTICIPATING in your success?

The SGCNetwork.com Services HUB is a self-serve database that offers no-wait resources!
Is your question complex? Reach out to our friendly Shop Care associates at ShopCare@safelite.com.

- Safelite Solutions Team


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