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News Detail
Title: SGCNetwork.com: Summer-Fall 2015 update


Several updates have been released to SGCNetwork.com over the summer!
These changes include:

Easier SEARCH tools
As you may have noticed, the Referral and Check search screens were modified to quickly search the database using familiar AR cycle terms!
With a single click, shops can now quickly apply search windows of -

*** Last 7 Days - Last 14 Days – Last 30 Days – Last 60 Days – Last 90 Days - Last 120 Days ***

Selecting any of these options will automatically update the screen to show the information available for that time period.

You may also perform a customized date search by -
1. ... clicking on New Date Search option
2. ... add any Start Date and End Date (within the past 24 months)
3. ... click the NEW DATE SEARCH button

Note that the page defaults to (yesterday) when first accessed.
We’ve tweaked this feature and received positive feedback about it, so look for the same format to be applied to other SGCNetwork.com searches in the future!

Nationwide Parent Program ID Change
On 6/24/15 a posting was added regarding a change to the EDI program ID number for Nationwide Insurance EDI billing. Click here for more information.

Online Invoicing feature now allows billing for ADAS calibration
In August we added the capability for SGCNetwork.com to process labor-only billing for ADAS calibration. This option is located under LABOR and is highlighted in red.
Clicking on the text will bring up a short explanation of the option.

9/30/15: The Online Invoicing tool has been revised so that Freight and Crate billing no longer requires the addition of a Part Number.

Shop Change template now prompts New Owners to use the proper pdf form. [9/30/15]
Our Database team requires that shops who are making Ownership or Tax ID changes send in a physical, signed document.
Automation has been added to the Change Account Info page which will appropriately guide users to the pdf when they indicate YES to this type of update.

New Postings were added to the NEWS and HELP page. [9/4/15]
- Benefits of joining Safelite Solutions’ Network
- E-Dispatch and Immediate Pay are Now Available!

Automatic Email review. [9/30/15]
New programming has been added which will prompt users to review the registered email account every 60 days.
If changes need to be made, the feature will direct them to the proper resource.

The About and FAQ pages have been updated. [9/30/15]
New items have been added. Be sure to check them out!

*** SPECIAL NOTICE *** In January, we shared an important notification directed to those users who access the web via Microsoft browsers. Postings were added to the NEWS and HELP portions of the site: Click to view details.
Important web browser information has been added which may assist anyone experiencing erratic performance issues with SGCNetwork.com. This September 30 update is a continuation of the details we released in January of 2015.

Look for new features, resources and applications to arrive this winter!

Thank you,
-Troi Miller
SGCNetwork.com Website Administrator


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