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Title: Shop Care: Increasing Digital Communication Tools

Shop Care: Increasing Digital Communication Tools – *NEW!*
We heard that you prefer to get things in writing. Here's how we plan to deliver less talk, more documentation.

- Due to an increase in requests for written approvals, we are expanding our hours of service for emails!
- Pricing approval / Part Questions: fill out the SGCNetwork.com website's Pricing Authorization Form, hit SEND and your message will be sent to PricingApproval@safelite.com.
- Pay Status / Non Parts related questions: email us at ShopCare@safelite.com. We are here for you by email or phone! Please note that some questions will require email documentation.
- Starting November 30th our Shop Care phone lines will be available 10am-4pm EST, Mon-Fri.

- While responding to your pricing approval phone calls, we noted an increase in shops requesting to receive their confirmations in writing.
- These days, many companies stay on the move, relying on mobile devices and simple communications to get things done. Digital Communication Tools provide this functional flexibility.
- The Safelite Solutions drive to embrace this ideal begins by streamlining our online support, promoting more agile and innovative solutions for everyone.

- Get answers and authorizations in writing
- Online templates make asking for help a snap
- Send in your requests anytime, 24/7
- Dedicated email resources expedite response times
- Additional Digital Communication Tools are in the works

Safelite Solutions Team


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