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Safelite Solutions Network Contact Directory

Responding to your inquiries in an efficient manner is important, thus we ask that you utilize the electronic solutions provided below when contacting us.
This not only helps to expedite our response time, but also creates a record that you can refer to later - and as often as needed.

Below you will find a listing of our various Fax Lines and Email Address contact points:

- fax proof of purchase documents to 614-210-9564, or email Mailbox.SGCpop@safelite.com
- please send network applications to 614 210-9841 or SGCNetworkAgreement@safelite.com
- you may send Shop Change forms and W-9 certificates to 614 932-3222 or ShopChanges@safelite.com
- 614-210-9502 fax line for your paper invoices

Insurance Certificates can be sent to InsuranceCertificates@safelite.com
You may also email your invoices to Safelite Solutions at the following email address: Invoicingfax@safelite.com

We strongly encourage you to e-mail your inquiries to us:

ShopCare@safelite.com ------------------------<>Invoice status statements, payment details & general questions.
PricingApproval@safelite.com ------------------<>Submit requests for special glass and part approvals.
EDIhelp@safelite.com ------------------------------<>EDI and Online Invoicing questions.
Executive.ServiceTeam@safelite.com ---------<>Customer service concerns. ( 1-800-835-2257 )
SGCNetworkHelp@safelite.com ---------------<>Website password & profile help. Re-Fax work orders. Network questions.


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SGC Features you should be using:

[] SGCNetwork.com web site
[] Help Library
[] Pricing Authorization Requests
[] Emailed work orders
[] Re-issue work orders to your shop
[] Review and update your shop's profile
[] Online Invoicing / EDI Invoicing
[] EFT (network member shops only)
[] Price Offer (network member shops only)
[] Emailed payment remittance notifications
[] e-Dispatch
[] Immediate Pay

Need technical assistance or help with your password? Contact us at SGCNetworkHelp@safelite.com.


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